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We urgently need your help, so Stop World Control can continue its life saving mission to defend the freedom of humanity.

If you have been informed properly, then you know a criminal superrich elite - which consists of about 0,000001% of the world's population - has been working towards seizing total world control. They are using a planned pandemic to submit all of humanity to their tyrannical control. This is called Agenda21, the Great Reset, the New World Order, Agenda 2030, etc. 

All rights, freedoms and ultimately private possessions will be seized from humanity, under the guise of protecting the world from global disasters, which they are creating themselves. The pandemic is just the beginning of a series of destructive events they have planned. Total ownership of the whole world, is their ultimate goal.

My family and myself were sent to America in 2016 to join the worldwide army of freedom fighters. 

We built the international platform for the voice of truth, Stop World Control, and immediately had a tremendous impact worldwide, with many millions of visitors. Our goal is to inform the world about what is happening, because the plan of the elite entirely depends on the ignorance of the masses. When people find out what is going on, they stop complying, which ends the tyranny!

Personal challenge

We decided not to charge for our information, because the world is in such need. Because we do all our work for free for the whole world, we are now however facing a critical challenge. We risk losing our home, offices and filming studio where we are making all the high quality reports, interviews and documentaries to open the eyes of the world.

We need 300k to secure our home, so Stop World Control can continue. 

We are busy translating the world's best documentaires, interviews and evidence reports into twenty languages, so all of humanity can have access to the life saving truth. This incredibly important project could be severely obstructed, if we lose our home. 

Please help us with a generous donation, so we can keep working for the freedom of humanity.

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