Help us fight for the freedom of humanity!

If you have been informed properly, then you know how a criminal superrich elite - which consists of about 0,000001% of the world's population - has been working towards seizing total world control. 

They are using a planned pandemic to submit all of humanity to their tyrannical control. This is officialy called Agenda 21, the Great Reset, the New World Order, Agenda 2030, etc. You find all the evidence for this in the reports and documentaries on this website.

All rights, freedoms and ultimately private possessions will be seized from humanity, under the guise of protecting the world from global disasters, which they are creating themselves. This is their strategy: create problems, and offer the solution, which means seizing rights, freedoms, and finances from the people. The pandemic is just the beginning of a series of destructive events they have planned.

Their ultimate goal is to have ownership of everything on earth, while all the people will be their slaves.

This is nothing new, as the diabolical desire to dominate the world has always reigned supreme in the perverse minds of psychopats throughout world history. It's however only now that it has become possible, thanks to the omnipresence of screens: phones, tablets, television, computers,... Virtually every member of humanity worldwide is constantly bombarded with information, most of which is strategically designed to brainwash and control the world population, so everyone would blindly follow everything the media is telling them. 

No tanks, rockets and guns are needed. Everything happens in the mind. 

People voluntary surrender their entire life, including their health and children, to the cruel hands of merciless criminals, who are taking over full control over every aspect of our society.


The one and only solution to this worldwide operation of total mind control, that is designed to submit humanity to the tyranny of these trillionaires, is to break the spell of non-stop misinformation, by showing people the truth, the full truth, and nothing but the truth.

When the world is deceived through a never ending avalanche of lies, we need to liberate them with the crystal clear truth.

Once the eyes of the people are opened to what is truly going on, they wake up from the hypnosis, and they immediately stop serving the criminal agenda.

That's why there is such aggressive censorhip.
The truth is the only real threat to these criminals. 


My family and myself were sent to America in 2016 to join the worldwide army of freedom fighters. We built the international platform for the voice of truth, Stop World Control, and immediately had a tremendous impact worldwide, with many millions of visitors.

Currently I am translating the website into fifteen languages. The whole world will be able to see the truth, and be set free!

My goal is to inform all of humanity world about what is happening, because the plan of the elite entirely depends on the ignorance of the masses. When people find out what is going on, they stop complying, which ends the tyranny!

Opening the eyes of humanity worldwide is the key
to ending the plans of the criminal elite.
Informed people stop playing their game,
and then it's game over!

critical heart problems

We decided to offer all our work completely free to the whole world, because there is such a critical need. This however caused a problem: I had no funds to hire staff and did all the work entirely alone. 

The high quality documentaries, the in depth evidence reports, the encouraging emails, the web design, everything.

Usually there is a large team doing such amount of diverse work, but I did it all alone. I had to, because of the critical situation the world is in. Now however my heart is no longer able to cope with this amount of stress and work. I have been having heart issues, which is sometimes very scary. This shows me I cannot go on like this. If I do, it could be the end of me personally, which would be devastating for my family, and it would be the end of  Stop World Control, which is now reaching many millions worldwide.

Therefor I am asking all who understand the dire need for truth in this world, to please support us. I need to hire staff who can help Stop World Control continue. Without this, I will have to stop. No human being can do this insane amount of work long term.

Criminal news network

Did you know that for example CNN, the Criminal News Network, also called the Corrupt News Network, has more than 4,000 employees? And think about this: all CNN does, all day long, is spread lies and deception to steer humanity towards destruction!

They have an entire army of thousands of workers, serving the most cruel criminals this world has ever known. They do everything in their ability to force all of humanity, including the children, to be continually injected, over and over again, with a highly toxic and potentially lethal substance, that has already murdered millions of innocent people. It's insane.

The world desperately needs new media, that will show the truth, to protect the lives of the people, and open the door to a better world.

I have a Masters degree in Media and Communication, and I have worked with television, newspapers, book publishers, etc. My goal is to raise 1,000,000 USD so I can build Stop World Control as a worldwide media platform, that will not deceive humanity, but empower the people to build a better world together.

I will hire the best video creators, investigative journalists, professional translators, web developers, and so on, to bring the life saving truth to every corner of the earth.

We also want to put billboards along highways, put ads in newspapers, buy radio commercials, and so on, to spread the truth by all means possible. We need to show the world what is going on, so the control of the criminals will be broken.

Please help me continue Stop World Control, without killing myself. I have already been in hospital twice, and once they had to shock me to come back. This amount work is too much for me alone. I have laid a good foundation, but now I need help to build upon that.

Will you stand with me, please? Together we can do something that can change the world, as truth destroys the mind control and sets the world free.

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