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About Stop World Control

Stop World Control is created by David Sorensen, author, speaker, designer, artist and coach. 

David Sorensen started his life as an investigator during his studies at the University for Science and Arts in Belgium, where he wrote a thesis about the anti-scientific nature of the theory of evolution. His psychology professor said: 

‘You have the ability to ignore all the details and go straight to the heart of the matter’.

This thesis became his very first book, with many reprints. After that David wrote seven more books and is currently finishing his nineth and tenth book.

The need of the world

After getting his Masters Degree David started his own business. For the first years he made a lot of money, until something happened that changed the course of his life forever. David had a divine encounter that revealed to him the great need of mankind. His eyes were opened for the grave situation of the world and his heart was shattered with compassion.

David decided to spend the rest of his life helping people in need and showing the world truth that releases us into a life of wholeness and purpose.

Thousands of people wrote David how his work saved them from suicide, depression, anxiety, addictions and all kinds of bondage. David saw countless people climb out of deep pits of despair and start to walk in their divine destiny.

David pioneered a church where visitors came from different nations, to encounter the reality of love, freedom and purpose. Many dramatic healings took place during his meetings. Sometimes David received about 50 emails with testimonies, after a single conference. 

From Europe to America

After working in Europe for two decades, David migrated to the United States, to expand his influence worldwide. He was granted the rare visa of ‘Exceptional Ability’ because of his proven global leadership in the community of Christian Arts.

While being in the United States David became aware of the deep deception that is taking place, in the highest levels of our society. In Belgium, he had lived nearby a national prison and he remembers thinking:

‘The real criminals are not in there. They are in the high places of the world.’ 

Being in the U.S. confirmed this more than ever. He witnessed how the entire U.S. population is hooked to television screens that are present in almost ever public building, where the masses are constantly brainwashed.

David Sorensen has never been interested in what is generally referred to as ‘conspiracy theories’, although his passion has always been for truth, freedom and the well being of people. He wanted to stay far away from any type of hype or unfounded suspicions, in order to be accurate in his observations.

Hope for the future

The deep conviction of David is that the world is becoming a better place, despite the constant attempts of corrupt men to destroy our wonderful earth. History shows however that through it all, the influence of the love of God has constantly increased, all over the earth.

Now there are more sincere children of God than ever before, while slavery, cannibalism, human sacrifice, torture, and sorcery have been pushed back into the shadows of our society.

There is however still a lot of work to do. With the dawn of television and the internet, the power hungry saw possibilities for mass deception as never before. This has caused a new level of wickedness to arise in governments and media. The power to manipulate mankind through media, has lured many into the realm of deep darkness.

These corrupted men however forgot one thing: not everybody is stupid. Not everybody is blind. Not everybody is lazy and fearful. More and more people all over the world are opening their eyes for the severe deception that is covering their nations like a thick blanket. With the rise of the internet the voices of these people started echoing throughout the world, wider and louder, until it became a raging roar that could no longer be silenced. Frantically the wicked began censoring the internet en masse, removing thousands upon thousands of social media accounts, burying informative websites and taking down tens of thousands of videos. But the voice has been heard and mankind is paying attention.

Stop World Control

Stop World Control is a platform for the voices of many freedom warriors who will not be led to the slaughter. It is the result of sincere research and honest observation, while wisely attempting not to fall for unfounded conspiracies. 

The reality of what is going on with the covid19 pandemic, is so apparent that no honest witness can deny the global crime that is taking place.

Davids mission is to open the eyes of millions of leaders in the nations of the world. Although many of them are ‘in it’ he knows that the power of conviction can turn them back from their path to destruction.

The earth is meant to be a place of freedom, wholeness and joy for all people. Every force that wants to enslave mankind and make the earth one big prison cell, will ultimately fall and those who have participated in these demonic schemes will pay the highest price.

If you can support Stop World Control to fulfill the mission of liberating mankind from the cruel grip of ungodly leaders, then please make a donation here. Your support is invaluable as this is offered for free to the world. David is not after the money, but after the well being of people across the world.

May the truth become a blazing light that blinds the eyes of the evil ones and brings bright life to those who are true at heart.

We are destined for freedom. Freedom is our future. Freedom is what we fight for. Because only in freedom is man who he is created to be.

David Sorensen
Stop World Control

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